HomiciD was born in the year 1991 after I joined a so called band with only two real members and unexperienced musicians.After I cleaned up the mess we were three left : the drummer, the lead guitarist and me guitarist singer.Nothing was established in this band and so I took the lead . I have decided of the name and created the logo.

I made the first song when we first jamed and the guys were quite happy, we jamed in the guitarist house where we got kicked out by the father who was furious about the noise we were making of! after few rehearsals.

I made up many songs in my bedroom and obviously it made everybody happy as everytime we met in the rented rehearsals rooms, they just wanted to play my songs.

For me it wasn't a problem at all and I can be proud to still have these songs, because when a band creates a song they don't belong to anyone and usually when the band breaks the songs are forgotten.

But after a year wasting my time with these guys who were very good friends, I kicked off as the guitarist wanted to play Death Metal and started to get frustrated not to be able to create something and the drummer went on to the army.

I then played with many guitarists as everybody plays guitar on this planet! And they aren't motivated to give their time into the music.

In 1995 I met up a guy after I moved out from Paris as I was bored of this town, and he was a guitarist singer but started as a singer so we jamed and got on quite well. We decided to mix up his songs and mine so we could both enjoy a band with two compositors and things got on very well. We got some fans and many bass players and drummers played with us allowing gigs.

After two years things got out of hand and I decided to move out of this small town. I spent a year working and went to the UK where I didn't have any activity as a musician but very busy coping with bands for Metal Zone Prod.666, I organised gigs in 2000 that allowed me to play on stage alone with a CD on the background.

I had lot of fun but after 4 years in the UK without playing music due to my activity, I missed music and came back to France where I am still looking for a great Drummer to record my songs onto a CD.

I'm into Old real school Thrash Metal music back in early 80' s .

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