HomiciD's biography

former HomiciD singer guitaristHomicid was born in 1991 (Paris France) by myself Franck aka (Dark Angel Heart),after I played in a Metallica cover band and having few compositions on my own. I joined a band that was getting exploded and two of the members stayed with me and my band was born. I chose the name with many meaning.A big H and big D like MetallicA - Harley Davidson...which allowed to use the HD logo to be recognized. Inspired by the early Thrash Metal, anti religion and as Metal always been catagorised as "the devil's music" I then drawn the logo. The first drummer went to the army and the guitarist to studies, I then had many musicians. My compositions were evolving and after I moved to another city, the line up was fullfilled again. the usual Alcohol and drugs... made I found myself alone again. I went to the UK where I played with a drummer who went back to his country Italy...Other there I started my magazine to support bands. Back to France I took my time and I'm always searching for musicians in the aim my songs will be played again to the public.